White Rabbit by Shea Steele/photo by Bradley Spitzer

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I like Local Honey and Bradley Spitzer.

White Rabbit by Shea Steele/photo by Bradley Spitzer


Musica Campesina

I am in a movie. Told you about it a year ago.

The North American Premiere is happening this weekend at Nashville Film Festival:

Musica Campesina (Alberto Fuguet, Chile / USA)
Alejandro Tazo, a 30-something Chilean musician arrives in Nashville on a Greyhound bus. He has little to his name, seemingly no mission, seemingly no goals. What will he make of his new life in Music City? Director Alberto Fuguet shot “Musica Campesina” while serving as a visiting professor at Vanderbilt. NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE

Sun, Apr 17, 5:00pm

I’m nervous! I don’t know how it’s gonna be but I have an IMDb page now…


16mm films viewed in my attic on my Birthday:

The Birthday Movie
Hansel & Gretel Appalachian Version
Experimental Film by Brad Sellers 1979-80
Techniques of Defensive Driving: The Car Ahead

The Quiet Man (Dir. John Ford, USA, 1952) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre: Classic Romances

The Swarm (Dir. Irwin Allen, USA, 1978) – Netfilix Watch Instantly

The Manitou (Dir. William Girdler, USA, 1978) – Netflix Watch Instantly

From Here to Eternity (Dir. Fred Zinnemann, USA, 1953) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre: Classic Romances

Kaboom (Dir. Gregg Araki, USA/France, 2010) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre

I can’t BELIEVE how few films I watched in February! I should note, however, that I did put a great dent in the old episodes of Kids in the Hall via Netflix Watch Instantly.


Creepshow (Dir. George Romero, USA, 1982) – Netflix Watch Instantly

Biutiful (Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu, Spain/Mexico, 2010) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre

On the Bowery (Dir. Lionel Rogosin, USA, 1957) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre

A Serious Man (Dirs Joel and Ethan Coen, USA, 2009) – DVD – Netflix

Wild River (Dir. Elia Kazan, USA, 1960) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre: Visions of the South

The Man Who Loved Women <<L’homme qui aimait les femmes>> (Dir. François Truffaut, France, 1977) – DVD – house-sitting collection

Umshini WamBring Me My Machine Gun” (16min short, Dir. Harmony Korine, USA, 2010) – Digital Stream – vbs.tv

God’s Little Acre (Dir. Anthony Mann, USA, 1958) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre: Visions of the South

Baby Doll (Dir. Elia Kazan, USA, 1956) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre: Visions of the South

The Doom Generation (Dir. Gregg Araki, USA, 1994) – Netflix Watch Instantly

Putty Hill (Dir. Matt Porterfield, USA, 2011) – HD projection – Belcourt Theatre

Diner (Dir. Barry Levinson, USA, 1982) – Netflix Watch Instantly

A Single Man (Dir. Tom Ford, USA, 2009) – DVD – Sadie’s Netflix


These are some of the photos I shot with Aria Cavaliere for her online shop!

Make-up, Wardrobe, Photos all by Aria.


This one was just cuz.


It’s not my birthday anymore but I am still 25.

Birthday Dinner at Gojo.

Crazy darts in the kitchen!

16mm fims in the attic, including one called "Birthday Movie" which stars Uncle Sam!??!

Thanks to Matt and Josh for documentation.

Old scoreboard.


I booked my tickets yesterday! Ending May and beginning June, I will embark on a 2+ week adventure – first to Los Angeles to visit Ms. Dixie and attend her mother’s wedding. Then…..


A few friends are living and teaching English in South Korea and I’ll be off to see them!

Incheon Bridge - connects the airport to the mainland of South Korea

The whole country is accessible by high-speed rail meaning I can get just about anywhere within 2 hours! Per Fletcher’s advice, I will start learning the basic alphabet to make sign-reading less painful. I love public transportation.



No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (Dir. Martin Scorsese, USA, 2005) – DVD – on loan from Edwin

Cutter’s Way (Dir. Ivan Passer, USA, 1981) – Netflix Watch Instantly

A pretty bad movie I watched because I like Jeff Bridges.

Burnt Offerings (Dir. Dan Curtis, USA, 1976) – Netflix Watch Instantly

A pretty bad movie I watched because I like Karen Black.

A Dirty Shame (Dir. John Waters, USA, 2004) – Netflix Watch Instantly

A TERRIBLE movie I watched because I [usually] like John Waters.

Smiley Face (Dir. Gregg Araki, USA & Germany, 2007) – Netflix Watch Instantly

* The Red Balloon <<Le ballon rouge>> (34min short, Dir. Albert Lamorisse, France, 1956) – TV broadcast – Classic Arts Showcase

You’re Gonna Miss Me (Dir. Kevin McAlester, USA, 2005) – Netflix Watch Instantly

Rabbit Hole (Dir. John Cameron Mitchell, USA, 2010) – 35mm – Belcourt Theatre

Marwencol (Dir. Jeff Malmberg, USA, 2010) – BluRay projection – Belcourt Theatre: Artist Portraits


I highly recommend checking out the gallery at Marwencol.com as well.

And Everything is Going Fine (Dir. Stephen Soderbergh, USA, 2010) – BluRay projection – Belcourt Theatre: Artist Portraits

The Great Gatsby (Dir. Jack Clayton, USA, 1974) – VHS – Nashville Public Library collection

I had never before realized how much Brad Pitt looks like Robert Redford! Apparently I was slow to follow on this well-known fact. As for the rest of the film, I found it enjoyable but was a bit disappointed the ending narration did was not bookended by the famous last words of the novel (it began with the famous first sentence).

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

The Limits of Control (Dir. Jim Jarmusch, USA/Japan, 2009) – 35mm – Vanderbilt University Sarratt Cinema: International Lens

The Universe has no center and no edges.

*Dogtooth <<Kynodontas>> (Dir. Giorgos Lanthimos, Greece, 2009) – Netflix Watch Instantly

I fell in love with this movie when I first saw it at Nashville Film Festival last April. Perhaps the first time I’ve seen a Greek film, I was also enchanted by the sound of the language.

It’s about a mother and father deliberately isolating their children from the outside world as well as any knowledge of it. The children have been raised thinking their way of life is normal and they will be ready to leave the compound when a dogtooth falls out.

Dogtooth is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2011 Academy Awards.


An array of 1970s porn and Christian living films – Super-8mm and 16mm, respectively- Loney’s living room cinema – Garland’s film collection


* – oldie but goodie.