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I am in a movie. Told you about it a year ago.

The North American Premiere is happening this weekend at Nashville Film Festival:

Musica Campesina (Alberto Fuguet, Chile / USA)
Alejandro Tazo, a 30-something Chilean musician arrives in Nashville on a Greyhound bus. He has little to his name, seemingly no mission, seemingly no goals. What will he make of his new life in Music City? Director Alberto Fuguet shot “Musica Campesina” while serving as a visiting professor at Vanderbilt. NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE

Sun, Apr 17, 5:00pm

I’m nervous! I don’t know how it’s gonna be but I have an IMDb page now…


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Well, it’s done. I’ve been threatening to chop my mop for sometime now, and today I got a wild hair, so to speak…


…I just took my head outside and cut it down to size.


I was kinda going for the c. ’07 era of me that inspired this painting by Shane Kennedy:

click for more from his Jailhouse:Desktop series

I think I did ok…didn’t quite have time to grow the mustache…


I also finished up this seersucker romper-ish lederhosen lookin thing:

Don’t worry – I also watched the Cosby Show over lunch, as is necessary whenever possible (Rufus REALLY enjoys that show).

Oh, how I love a productive day off!

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