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Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve started a new, photo-only blog for my modeling photos.
You can look at it here: http://ellelong.tumblr.com/

by Josh Wool, Adrift at Sea Photography. August 2011. Nashville, TN


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Recent shots (more coming soon)…

by photominimal

From his blog:

Collaboration is everything. These gorgeous photographs are the result of a very sincere collaboration between myself and the model, Miss Long. But they are also the result of a collaboration between location and medium, light and shadow, gesture and composition. They are also, I think, a wonderful balance between what is seen, and what is not. And it is this aspect that I wish to cultivate more thoughtfully in my work. This will be m … Read More

via photominimal

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Photos by Josh Austin

Tennessee, May 2011

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Day 1: Dress by Margaret May Designs, Necklace by Sabrina Washington, Discrete Jewelry

photo courtesy of Southern Women's Show Nashville

Day 2: Same dress, Jewels from Jewelry TV ($1000 necklace!)

photo courtesy of Southern Women's Show Nashville

photo by Nhu Duong

Didn’t think you’d see me in a wedding dress, huh?

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White Rabbit by Shea Steele/photo by Bradley Spitzer

Click here for the full series on Facebook.

I like Local Honey and Bradley Spitzer.

White Rabbit by Shea Steele/photo by Bradley Spitzer

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I am in a movie. Told you about it a year ago.

The North American Premiere is happening this weekend at Nashville Film Festival:

Musica Campesina (Alberto Fuguet, Chile / USA)
Alejandro Tazo, a 30-something Chilean musician arrives in Nashville on a Greyhound bus. He has little to his name, seemingly no mission, seemingly no goals. What will he make of his new life in Music City? Director Alberto Fuguet shot “Musica Campesina” while serving as a visiting professor at Vanderbilt. NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE

Sun, Apr 17, 5:00pm

I’m nervous! I don’t know how it’s gonna be but I have an IMDb page now…

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These are some of the photos I shot with Aria Cavaliere for her online shop!

Make-up, Wardrobe, Photos all by Aria.


This one was just cuz.

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