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Got a gray.


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These are some of the photos I shot with Aria Cavaliere for her online shop!

Make-up, Wardrobe, Photos all by Aria.


This one was just cuz.

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It’s not my birthday anymore but I am still 25.

Birthday Dinner at Gojo.

Crazy darts in the kitchen!

16mm fims in the attic, including one called "Birthday Movie" which stars Uncle Sam!??!

Thanks to Matt and Josh for documentation.

Old scoreboard.

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Up the stairs…

My new hang...or yours, if you'd like to visit.


photo by Josh Anderson

Well, Dixie’s gone off to college šŸ˜¦

She’s just begun grad-school at California State University, Fullerton studying Cultural Anthropology. That’s a mighty studious venture and I am proud, sad, envious, and a little less social as a result.

Dixie’s cross-country move means my attic (aka her old room) is now empty. Unfortunately for Dixie, we’ve made it a little more livable now that she’s up and left us.


Ben and I spent about 2 days making things happen:

BEFORE, Western 1/2

IN PROGRESS, Western 1/2

AFTER, Western 1/2

AFTER, Eastern 1/2

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The video for Jack’s new song “Black Coal” made it to vimeo’s front page as the staff pick. It’s been getting a lot of attention ever since. Look!

Ben and I sang on the track. The video was directed by Zack Spiger and shot in Super 16mm, like the SJJ videos I shared in state i’m in… and More to ketchup on.

You can get the track on itunes, too!


Willy T, friend extraordinaire (and magical guitarist), was featured on NPR! You can even listen to his new record:

First Listen: William Tyler, ‘Behold The Spirit’

by Lars Gotrich

photo by Rebecca Gillespie

I’m feelin’ proud.

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Dear Diary,

First of all, I’m sorry I have neglected you. I didn’t mean it. I will try to be a better communicator, really.

Your friend,



October is awesome. Halloween is my favorite. Outside feels good. Things are pretty now.

I was featured as “October Girl” on a local lady’s fashion blog. Here I am:

Photo by Jaime Raybin, April 2010

Click to view the Bits and Baubles / Parlour Vintage / lover of fashion blog entry.


This month, I was also involved in a multi-media Halloween production: live band, shadow puppets, live actors, and video projection…starring yours truly as Singing Shadow. It’s really pretty neat.

In fact, we were so wrapped up in it, we failed to document our first performance! Hopefully we can get a hold of some memories captured by a few of the audience members…

I’ll let you know about future performances.


It would be hard to top last year’s Simon & Garfunkel…

…but I think I did a pretty dang good job anyway. Special props to Ben as well. Not only were our costumes clever, they simultaneously presented an importantĀ  commentary on consumerist and racial exploitation in iconic brand marketing!

Or something…

Here are some Polaroids taken by Garland Gallaspy to prove it:

We ran into another couple of grocery items at this party: Ben as Raisin Bran (TWO SCOOPS!) and the lovely Lisa as the Sun-Maid Raisin sunmaiden:

Here’s a photo of the photographer and his gal – AKA – Jim and Tammy Faye Baker:



My costume featured this classic hidden trick, too…

If you are confused, you should probably click here.



We have a HAMMOCK and we all, including Rufus, LOVE it.


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It’s officially that time of year. This season’s change brings a few of my favorite things:

Emilie et moi, DBA, New Orleans


Did you know I went on a little road trip to New Orleans? Well, I did. I meant to send you a postcard, too.

My friend Emilie had never been and really wanted to see it before she had to go back to France, so her 2nd to last weekend here, we drove on down there with a couple of the boys from Belcourt/Nashville Film Festival. It was a real family vacation! You can look at Zack’s photos from our journey here. As always, I have yet to develop mine…


Swimming truly IS one of my favorite things. I have been very fortunate and thankful for my pool connections this year…and also for lake buddies, river buddies, my water and sun buddies. So far, I have not drowned and neither have they. Things are good.


I’m rather proud of this accomplishment. From June 11 to June 25, I did not drive my car AT ALL! I mostly biked, took the bus a few times, and bummed a few rides, but NO DRIVING!! Actually, I’ve found it’s rather liberating. It makes me participate only in activities that are worth the effort and gives me a great excuse for activities which are not. Also, it’s cheap and you don’t have to worry about parking.

Riding in 100+ degree weather, pouring, no pelting, rain, 1 flat tire, flying past 5:00 traffic, and biking home from the bar….I feel truly powerful. All this without pants because, well, it’s just waaaaaay too hot for pants around here.

PLUS I just got this sweet new helmet from Halcyon Bike Shop.

I look like a cop! (?)


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