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It’s not my birthday anymore but I am still 25.

Birthday Dinner at Gojo.

Crazy darts in the kitchen!

16mm fims in the attic, including one called "Birthday Movie" which stars Uncle Sam!??!

Thanks to Matt and Josh for documentation.

Old scoreboard.


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Dear Diary,

First of all, I’m sorry I have neglected you. I didn’t mean it. I will try to be a better communicator, really.

Your friend,



October is awesome. Halloween is my favorite. Outside feels good. Things are pretty now.

I was featured as “October Girl” on a local lady’s fashion blog. Here I am:

Photo by Jaime Raybin, April 2010

Click to view the Bits and Baubles / Parlour Vintage / lover of fashion blog entry.


This month, I was also involved in a multi-media Halloween production: live band, shadow puppets, live actors, and video projection…starring yours truly as Singing Shadow. It’s really pretty neat.

In fact, we were so wrapped up in it, we failed to document our first performance! Hopefully we can get a hold of some memories captured by a few of the audience members…

I’ll let you know about future performances.


It would be hard to top last year’s Simon & Garfunkel…

…but I think I did a pretty dang good job anyway. Special props to Ben as well. Not only were our costumes clever, they simultaneously presented an important  commentary on consumerist and racial exploitation in iconic brand marketing!

Or something…

Here are some Polaroids taken by Garland Gallaspy to prove it:

We ran into another couple of grocery items at this party: Ben as Raisin Bran (TWO SCOOPS!) and the lovely Lisa as the Sun-Maid Raisin sunmaiden:

Here’s a photo of the photographer and his gal – AKA – Jim and Tammy Faye Baker:



My costume featured this classic hidden trick, too…

If you are confused, you should probably click here.



We have a HAMMOCK and we all, including Rufus, LOVE it.


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Well, my home-at-home-away-from-home/workplace, The Belcourt Theatre, has turned 85/10 this summer – that’s 85 years for the building itself and 10 for the non-profit organization that formed to save it from the wrecking ball in 2000. Fortunately, the Belcourt is now thriving as Nashville’s only independent neighborhood art-house theater and it’s all thanks to the great community of people who love us, visit us and, most importantly, give us money.

We celebrated by programming 12 films in a Kurosawa Centennial retrospective (Kurosawa would have been 100 this summer), allowing our members to program our free outdoor screenings,  having Nashville’s Mayor cut the ribbon on our newly-renovated  1925 Hall (new carpet, seats, drapes) and throwing a birthday party for our members.

For me, it’s 85/10/3  and I love it.


Whaaa! Dixie=1/4 of a century. That’s a big deal, folks, and she made it pretty big. I think the whole month was her birthday. [“You drive – it’s my birthday.” “I guess I’ll  have another glass of wine – it’s my birthday.” “Let’s get ice cream – it’s my birthday.”  etc. etc.]

at Pied Piper Creamery in Berry Hill

Anyway, on the real birthday, we had a three-lady dinner at The Smiling Elephant, an AWESOME Thai restaurant. Dixie and I hadn’t been there before but wanted to go and Elise was oh hell yeah about it, so that’s where we ended up. It’s a very small place so we did have to wait a while for a table but that really didn’t matter because we were girl talkin’ and watching the cooks PLUS they brought tea to drink while we waited. We decided to share everything we ordered and it was all SO VERY GOOD. This place is not a that greasy kind of delicious, everything tasted clean and flavorful. We told the waitress it was Dixie’s birthday and I think the whole staff came out to sing and give her a little cup of coconut ice-cream with fresh (not canned) mandarin orange wedges and a little cherry on top. The owner made her a little valentine, too! Then…we went home and drank Champagne with St. Germain and ate a delicious cake she had baked for herself.

french vanilla cake with cream yogurt lemon frosting and Galliano-soaked strawberries

The night after real birthday, we headed out to Miss Kelli’s Karaoke in Printer’s Alley and a lot of friends met us there. I sang Heart of Glass and Twistin’ the Night Away. Dixie sang, too, but neither of us remember what. We had a fun time and ended up at Robert’s Western World just before closing.

birthday girl!


Local Honey, a vintage and locally hand-made clothing store had it’s birthday, too (5 years)! As part of the celebration, there was a sort of and outdoor runway/performance featuring yours truly as one of the models. It was a sight to see for sure! Basically, we all put together our outfits and got dressed in front of the crowd. Some of the models came out in underwear, one guy ran up from the street, I watched from the crowd and then ran up, took off my clothes, and re-dressed. Here’s a picture of the finished product:

click for shop owner Shea Steele's post about the event


Hey, my friend and neighbor, Will, just got older, too. We went over there for a chicken, bourbon, tomatoes, scrabble, and cupcakes (not necessarily in that order). Happy birthday, everyone! I don’t have pictures to document this one, but I swear it happened….

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Would you believe it? I keep getting caught:


Every year, the Belcourt Theatre hosts Oscar Night America. It’s our biggest annual fundraiser–we sell tickets, we gussy up the place, serve fancy donated food and drink, and all-around have a good time. Oh, and we gussy ourselves up, too. This photo was in the newspaper!

Credit:Heather Byrd/The Tennessean. Elle Long, Elise Tyler and Stephannie Parker at Oscar Night America at the Belcourt Theatre on Sunday, March 7, 2010.


Once again, I modeled in a hair show. I had my color done by Marla of RUSK and here I am getting a “Convergence” cut by Geoffry Frost of RUSK:

Nashville, TN Fashion Focus: RUSK. March 21, 2010.

I ended up with sort of a copper and blond Joan Jett-lookin’ haircut. I didn’t really feel me with the streaks, so they covered up the blond for me. Thank you, Douglas Andrae (also of RUSK), film buddy. Now I have a red-brown Joan Jett-lookin’ haircut. I wish I had before/in-between/after pictures!


Dixie and I attended an annual society party, Oyster Easter benefiting the Community Resource Center. The Belcourt’s new Marketing and Development Director, Haylee Hall, was nominated for “Oyster Queen” and Dixie and I came along to try and help her win. Winnings are determined by fund-raising and also by how many oyster shells can be collected in each candidate’s trash bin. Basically, we wrangled a lot of shells and sold beads, bubbles, photos, candies, etc. to try and get as many last-minute donations as possible. It was a fun time.

Credit: StephintheCity. Oyster Easter 4/4/10.


Last weekend, Dixie and I went to the launch-party of the website for the(rabbit)press, a local arts zine. While there, we were spotted by a friend and local business owner, Shea Steele, who decided to feature us on her fashion/shop blog, local honey. You know…because we always be lookin’ so good.

Brag, brag, brag. More to come.

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This winter became real winter for a few days in Nashville. Snow here is rather uncommon and so plows are in short supply. Being snowed in with nowhere to go anyway (Ben and Dixie’s cars couldn’t even leave the driveway), we eventually got a little stir crazy and ventured out for sledding at the Elllington Agricultural Center.
Rufus and I dressed like fools. We finally had some snow and all things snow-proof are waiting for me in Colorado!
Another day, I carefully drove Ben and Dixie over to a Mexican restaurant, Los Arcos. It was a very surreal experience. When we got to the restaurant, it was all but empty except for a full Mariachi band playing inside…in the middle of the day. Then they gave us some free sopa frijoles charros (beans soup). Afterward, we slid across the parking lot to visit Music City Thrift. Boy, it sure did feel good to be back ‘home’ again….
After those few days of snow, the roads and sky allowed me to venture out to the woods for a music video shoot. It was quite a lot of fun to be tromping around and playing on trees and vines. We did some indoor shooting as well. The video is for “State” by Stone Jack Jones off his new album, Love and Torture. The video was directed by Zack Spiger, who came into town specifically for the project (he lives in Paris!). Best part–it was all shot on REAL FILM: Super 8mm black and white.
Click here for more behind-the-scenes photos by Dixie.
I am SO EXCITED to see the finished project, which will be released soon. Here’s another video Zack did for Stone Jack Jones, starring Jack’s gorgeous children, Logan and Deirdre. Also, you may even hear a familiar voice in this song…
24, AND HOW!
My birthday happened. I’m older now. Unfortunately, I was pretty ill but hell, I had a party anyway. Ben made me this shirt.
I was reminiscing about how mom used to bake cake batter in ice-cream cones for me to take to school on my birthday. This being a pleasant memory, Dixie and I re-created a little piece of my childhood and it was delicious. Viva le cupcakecone!
Note: though my shirt says “Barfday,” I was only head/lungs/fever/sinus-sick. That being said, whatever it was really knocked me out for quite a long time.

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And so I begin

This year started up a few months ago.

Here are some highlights:


Ben and I went to some friends’ party for the eve of new year. We ate a lot of food and drank a lot of drinks (including moonshine), counted down to a midnight kiss, and we watched fireworks.


I made this dress the day of the party. I sure wish I’d taken before/after pictures because the transformation, if I do say so myself, was pretty spectacular. It used to be a size 24 long-sleeved shirt.

midnight kiss (off camera)

I made a matching bow tie for Ben and one for Rufus, too! Click here for more photos.

p.s. I love film.


The best dog in the world, as you may have heard, graduated “Basic Family Dog Manners” on Jan. 14th. He’s smiling in the picture because he is about to down a liver brownie in one gulp.


BEAR MAULERS (Halloween '09)

My partner in crime, Miss Dixie Rose, has moved in with us.

She drove over from Richmond, VA on Jan. 27 with a carload of personal belongings (including two house-plants) and a whole lot of excitement! We stuck her up in the attic, seeing as she’s the perfect height. She likes it alright so far, but I suspect she’ll especially like it after Ben’s yard sale. And after we paint it this color:

Zephyr #690-A

I have a little more catching up to do. We had snow and my birthday and vacation and and and….

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